American Chamber of Commerce in Zambia

Client Relationship Management

Client relationship management (CRM), a technology for managin companies’relationships and interactions withcustomers and potential clients cannot be overemphasized. With thecomplexities in market dynamics,information on CRM will continually beimportant for organizations to growtheir market share. AmCham hosted a webinar on ClientRelationship Management (CRM)focusing on the next customergeneration. The training was held on16th February 2023 from 09:00… Continue reading Client Relationship Management

Leadership Management Training

AmCham Zambia recently hosted a Leadership Management Training on April 12, 2023, at the Quorum in Lusaka. The training, facilitated by Gladys Paswani, focused on adaptive leadership and provided valuable insights on leading through change, understanding leadership and authority, and distinguishing between technical and adaptive challenges. Attendees from various organizations that are members of AmCham… Continue reading Leadership Management Training