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Zambia Covid-19 Statistical Update

Covid-19 update in Zambia as of 4th February, 2021.

Local News

10 succumb to COVID-19, as Chanda assures transparency on vaccines. Read more.

High court  throws out Vendeta’s case against KCM, Milingo Lungu. Read more.

Economy and Business news

IMF rallies for Zambia, developing countries. Read more.

Kwacha continues to be negatively affected by strong dollar supply – BAZ. Read more.

Local authorities failed to remit statutory obligations including taxes to ZRA -Auditor General. Read more.

ZRA, CBU pen K90m deal. Read more.

ZCCM-IH ownership of Mopani will help cushion Kwacha fall. Read more.

Mining News

Zambia is in Dire Need of a Mineral Asset Valuation Code to Prevent Overpricing or Under-pricing of Mining Assets. Read more.

African news

Mozambique puts virus epicenter under night-time curfew. Read more.

Tanzania shunned lock-downs, now it’s rejecting COVID-19 vaccines. Read more.

International news

Vaccines could blunt the U.K. epidemic in weeks. Read more.

Myanmar blocks Facebook access after online protest of military coupRead more.

Good reads

Corona-virus Catch-up: What questions do you have about business and the pandemic. Read more.

Biden’s Early Strategy. Read more.