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Local News
ZICTA warns use of fraudulently registered SIM cards, gives deadline to regularize SIMs. Read more.

Economy and Business News
State declines borrowing K1bn. Read more.
Climate change fund needed, says Centre for Environment Justice. Read more.
We expect exchange rate to stop acting like a yoyo soon. Read more.
Zambia on course for debt deal. Read more.

African News
African Union Chair Tshisekedi demands release of ousted Burkinabe leader. Read more. 
Stampede at Africa Cup of Nations soccer game leaves 8 dead, 39 injured. Read more.

International News
EU, Egypt bid to lead global counterterrorism body an affront to rights. Read more.
Denmark in dispute with African nation over troops deployment. Read more.

Good Reads
Covid 19: Israeli experts recommend fourth vaccine dose for adults. Read more.

Zambia Covid-19 Statistical Update

Covid 19 update as of 22nd January 2022.