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Local News
‘Vaccines are safe, effective and necessary.’ Read more.

Economy and Business News
IMF agreement to flood Zambia with investment. Read more.
Kwacha appreciation caused by positive sentiments resulting from IMF talks – Kanyama. Read more.
Kwacha appreciation linked to sudden dollar inflows from outside Zambia. Read more.
Smart Zambia to capture 200 e-services on govt bus. Read more.
Scrapping off subsidies means govt won’t achieve targeted inflation rate  – CSPR. Read more.
Halt maize exports to secure food security – SAFADA. Read more.
‘Don’t leave MSME’s behind. Read more.

Mining News
At the height of good global prices, Zambia’s output slumps 4.2%. Read more. 
Minister tackles mineral royalty tax removal. Read more.
Galileo enters JV deal to earn 51% in Zambia gold project. Read more.

African News
Egypt, Cyprus discuss cooperation in natural gas projects. Read more.

International News
WHO and Global Fund warn inequalities block progress towards ending AIDS, TB and malaria. Read more.

Good Reads
Survey finds travel restrictions imposed on Southern Africa ‘too strict.’ Read more.

Zambia Covid-19 Statistical Update

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Covid-19 update in Zambia as of 9th December 2021.