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News Blast

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Local News
K2.2bn lost to corruption in 2020 – FIC. Read more.

Economy and Business News
750 megawatt Kafue Gorge Lower to be commissioned this Friday. Read more.
IDC pumping of K684m into NCZ coffers gets applause. Read more.
Zambia curbs supply chain cuts. Read more.
Localisation of Green Climate Fund resources to stabilise Kwacha – Govt. Read more.
Treasury bill auction in 2.8% under subscription. Read more.
Cement over-pricing probe active – CCPC. Read more.

Mining News
Barrick Gold forecasts 16 P.C. copper production surge. Read more.
Arc minerals starts diamond drill programme in Zambia. Read more.

African News
Egypt, Ethiopia compete to export power to Africa. Read more.

International News
China and Egypt decide to provide vaccine assistance to the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip. Read more.

Good Reads
Zambian wheat farmer gives tips on closing the deficit. Read more.

Zambia Covid-19 Statistical Update

Covid-19 update in Zambia as of 19th July 2021.