News Blast

News Blast

2nd March, 2021

AmCham News Blast


Zambia Covid-19 Statistical Update

Covid-19 update in Zambia as of 2nd March, 2021.


Local News

Nkhuwa’s decision to declare CEC’s distribution lines as common carrier was illegal, rules High Court. Read more.

Experts collecting samples for vaccines. Read more.

CSOs demand withdrawal of Legal Aid Bill. Read more.

Economy and Business News

Bank of Zambia Remains Resolute to purchase more Gold Deposits to Enhance Zambia’s Reserves. Read more.

Zambia default ‘test case’ for Africa debt relief. Read more.

Biofuel key to increased fuel supply – Nkhuwa. Read more.

Mining News

KCM calms workers. Read more.

African News

Zimbabwe relaxes lockdown restrictions. Read more.

Ghana is the first nation to get free COVID-19 vaccines under the Covax Plan. Read more.

Nigeria to take delivery of 3.92m doses of COVID-19 vaccine. Read more.

International News

The E.U. will propose a vaccine passport system for Europe. Read more.

Nine in 10 over 65s in England have had first Covid vaccine, NHS says. Read more.

Good Reads

Johnson & Johnson has planned trials of its vaccine that will include infants. Read more.

This is what is causing skyrocketing commodity prices. Read more.

Causes of insurance policy cancellation. Read more. 

Where Biden’s foreign policy is taking the U.S. Read more.