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News Blast

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Zambia Covid-19 Statistical Update

Covid-19 update in Zambia as of 22nd February, 2021.

Local News

ZAMBIA: African park deploys its know-how in the Kafue national park. Read more.

Economy and Business News

Zambia increases interest rate, others hold steady.   Read more.

Mining News

Mopani: What does the future hold?  Read more.

African News

Sudan Announces Managed Currency Float to Revive Economy.  Read more.

Africa’s economy could grow 10% by taking women more seriously.  Read more.

Time to Redouble Efforts for Economic Diversification in East Africa.  Read more.

International News

33 countries added to list of COVID high-risk nations. Read more.

European Markets Down as Gold, Oil Maintain Solid Gains.  Read more.

Asian Markets Mixed Amid Uncertainty Over Direction of Global Economy.  Read more.

Pandemic caused ‘staggering’ economic, human impact in developing countries, research says.  Read more.

Good Reads

Closing the loopholes on Tax Evasion and Avoidance. Read more.