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News Blast

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Covid-19 update in Zambia as of 18th February, 2021.

Local News

Zambia in additional €58M support for COVID-19 fight. Read more.

Cyber Crimes And Security Bill is a lion to eat everyone including the common Zambia. Read more.

Economy and Business news

Zambia’s bonds surge to their highest since March. Read more.

BoZ acts to slow inflation. Read more.

Central Bank of Zambia hikes rate, ready to tighten again if CPI rises. Read more.

Zambia, African Parks seal $3m deal. Read more. 

Zambia’s reserves drop to $1.2bn, reveals BoZ. Read more.

Mining News

Copper price remains attractive. Read more.

Copper price hits $8, 406 per tonne. Read more.

African news
African Nations Are Already Hiking Rates With More to Come. Read more.

International news

Macron; Europe should share vaccines with Africa. Read more.

COVID infections drop 16% worldwide in one week. Read more.