New Member

New Member

The Chamber is pleased to announce Medici Land Governance Limited as a new member of the Chamber.

Suite No. 3030 Sunshare Towers, Katima Mulilo Road, Lusaka.

Medici Land Governance (MLG) provides user-friendly, low-cost land titling and administration systems. As a public benefit corporation, MLG promotes economic development and full financial inclusion by helping individuals establish formal ownership of their homes and land.

In Zambia, in partnership with the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources, MLG has launched the nationwide rollout of a land titling project targeting four million beneficiaries under the Government’s National Land Titling Programme (NLTP). The goal of the project is to register properties in both formal and informal areas and issue certificates of title, to provide information on land ownership, and to create a computerized, sustainable, and accessible national land registry. To achieve this, MLG is employing its proprietary systematic land titling product, Enum, to gather landowner information for processing and issuing title deeds. Enum provides tools that can be used by trained and locally hired enumerators with mobile tablets who knock door-to-door to collect the data.

The data collected includes items such as names, identification, co-ownership, administrators, sex, age, and picture of owners as well as high-resolution aerial imagery and complete maps with boundaries. Upon completion, the data will be uploaded into a government approval system built by MLG. MLG is providing the financing for the rollout, on a fee-based contract over a seven-year period.

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