New Member

New Member


The Chamber is pleased to announce Three Roofs Investment Limited as a new member of the Chamber.

Plot 27165 ITC Zone, Libala, Lusaka, Zambia

Three Roofs Investment is a local production company whose offices are located in Lusaka and Mansa. Three roofs mainly focuses on innovative ways of producing cassava-based products such as cassava crisps. The company also manufactures hand sanitizer and is working on several innovative products with a ready market.

Three Roofs operates on the basis of being the benchmark company in the production of local, yet exportable products. The company operates a modern and transparent approach that drives accountability, productivity, and external focus.

Three Roofs aims to support the local farmers in Mansa by buying the cassava off them through an out-grower scheme. Implementation of this project will not only bring infrastructure development to this seemingly poor part of the country but will enhance and stabilise positive economic growth nationally and uplift standards of living for the locals.

For more information, contact: +260977821258 or email: