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Munkanta Mulenga Legal Practitioners | LEGAL

Munkanta Legal is a modern law firm operating in the legal advisory and dispute resolution market in Zambia. We are convinced that the basic pillars of our services: excellency, integrity, efficiency and responsive professional legal services for our clients are fundaments for any legal advisory. The Firm, established in 2020, aims to carter for a varied and prestigious client base. We are equally committed to delivering insightful advice and representation with exceptional quality, integrity, and objectivity to our clients.

In our work, we focus on staying current with the commercial and legal environment in Zambia using knowledge from domestic and international resources. We also recognize and appreciate that dynamic development of business requires a legal team able to provide effective solutions, based on experience in particular legal areas. Therefore, we provide our clients with legal services in such areas where we can prove essential knowledge and experience.

We are passionate and committed, as a team, to upholding our repute for exceptional legal services rendered with excellence, tenacity, and adaptability.


Projects & Infrastructure, B&F, Capital Markets, Corporate & Commercial. Employment & Pensions, DR, M&A, and Real Estate & Conveyancing.