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The Martin Richenhagen Future Farm was developed from a vision to impact and empower farmers across Africa. It all began in 2015 when the farm started its mission to give all African farmers access to modern agriculture solutions.

By educating people on modern farming techniques, the Future Farm team are empowering local communities, helping people develop sustainable food production systems and increasing productivity. We are dedicated to helping you understand how to use your agricultural resources more efficiently.

The cutting edge facilities at the farm can support both small and large commercial farming operations across Africa. Day to day we provide aspiring African farmers with the knowledge and resources that they need for their business to succeed.
Our online and classroom based courses will teach you how to increase your yields and maximise the resources that you have.

Africa’s population is set to increase to 2 Billion by 2050 so the need for sustainable agriculture across the country is more paramount than ever. At Future Farm, we believe that we can help you contribute to sustainable change in Africa whilst having a financially successful future in farming.


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