The Advocacy Committee’s main objective is to enhance the position of the Chamber as a policy adviser to the governments of the United States and Zambia (USG and GRZ) with a particular focus on private sector policy formulation and implementation. Additionally, the Committee seeks to enhance its function through research and dealing with issues on advocacy faced by members of the Chamber, and the development of more partnerships with other institutions.


Will Pearson | Triskel Africa


Nitesh Patel | Astro Holdings Ltd

Nathan Mdinga | Cargill

Lezanne Van Zyl | Cargill

Neeraj Vijay | Chetak Zambia

Mike Musonda | Ernst & Young

Godfrey Mufaya | Exodus Worldwide

Bupe Mubanga | General Electric

Mwansa Mukonde | General Electric

Andrew Sikwanda | Price Waterhouse Coopers

Roseta Mwape Chabala | ZAMEFA


Advocacy Committee Terms of reference_2016